Discovery + Understanding

Strategy informs design. It guides every stage of the process. Everything has a reason. I choose a typeface, paper type or the functionality of a website because they are proven to communicate the desired message to the right audience.

Strategy + Creativity

Basing design decisions on an approved strategic direction makes designing focused and meaningful. It allows for the right choices to be made upfront freeing up time to focus on pushing through the expected to arrive at something exciting and meaningful for the client.

Personal + Fun

My purpose in my personal life is to be a connected, loving and inspiring father and partner – one that I am proud to be. To have others feel the difference they make in the world is another integral component.


Behind the glossy resume, great work ethic and excellent testimonials are real people. I believe a simple five answers can tell you a lot about a person. Answers to questions like, “What five things have you done in your life that you will never forget? On a lunch date, which five actors would you invite? Which five concerts do you wish you could have attended?” Here are my answers.


Now for the polished, great-sounding stuff. Working as a freelance Brand Strategist and Graphic Designer across North America, I am committed to making a difference for companies both large and small. I have always had a passion for the underdog small and upcoming businesses, introducing them to the importance of brand and helping them maximize their potential. On the other end of the scale, I love working with larger companies, helping unravel their complexities to create brand hierarchy and simple platforms which support their growth.


I have been branding companies for over 20 years, from London, England and now in British Columbia, Canada. Clients have ranged from the Government of Canada and the United Nations to international businesses like Phillips, P&O Cruise Line, and Future Shop as well as many local companies.


As a Certified Graphic Designer (Society of Graphic Designers of Canada), I am in the top fourth percentile of Canadian designers with a Masters degree in graphic design. I attended the Royal College of Art in London, England; the only fully postgraduate art institution in the world. Since graduating, I have worked in design, art direction, management, business ownership, sales training and marketing. My specialties include brand strategy, communication design, leadership and entrepreneurial thinking. I love to problem solve and have a fun ‘English’ sense of humour.


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I am a 50/50 right and left-brain split. I am creative, skilled with time management, budget-minded, and well-versed in creating and following strategic directions.

You can hire me for a simple design task such as a brochure, stationery package or tradeshow design; or hire me to create a brand strategy model and create a design system (rules, brand elements, and the look/feel for branded materials).

I like to work in partnership with people, listen to feedback (and direction from the client) to push the design forward. That said, I have the experience and confidence to work independently to complete the work. Alternatively, put me in front of your client as an associate/representative of your business and let me manage the job for you, from timelines, working with printers and suppliers to creating the designs.