Avalon Park

Avalon Park is a parcel within the master plan of Vancouver’s River District area. The brief was to create a parent brand for Avalon Park and then child brands for the initial two buildings, known as Avalon 1 and Avalon 2. As the architecture reflected the ethos of Scandinavian design, we continued in the same theme with the creative design of the brand. Scandinavian design is characterised by simplicity, minimalism and functionality that emerged in Nordic countries in the 1950s. We commenced by mood-boarding and understanding Scandinavian design, which included architecture, furniture and interior design as well as graphic design and typography. This set the foundation to create visual difference between the three brands. We created Avalon Park design to be the ‘liveliest’ whereas the content and design of Avalon1 was set to be more simple and understated. With Avalon 2 the building is more sophisticated with higher end furnishings, so the brand became more upmarket and minimalistic too. The project was really well received by the target audience. 52% of units sold in one week with 73% being sold in the first two weeks. Project Deliverables:Creative Direction; Web Design; Touchscreen Design; Sales Office; Advertising; Hoarding and Signage; Three Brochures;  Floorplans; Feature Sheet; Stationery; Registration Card. Role: Freelance designer with creative direction from Frank Strategy.   < BACK TO PORTFOLIO