District, South Main, is a real estate development just off Main Street on 7th Avenue. Main Street is an exciting neighborhood that mixes the new and modern with the artistic and ‘eccentric’. The developer, Amacon, had not previously built in this type of community and sought out Industrial Brand, as they knew the locale and atmosphere well. It was critical throughout the project to create a brand and use visual materials that represented Main Street. I was mindful about all the typical generic real estate development brands and steered clear of that direction. The name District was created to reflect not just the physical area but also the people who give the area its soul and character. The branded materials were modern and artsy but were kept intentionally clean to reflect the product. These efforts, coupled with excellent pricing and adventurous marketing by Mac Marketing, resulted in 94% of the units selling on the initial day of sales. This was a huge success in a market that had suffered heavily with the then recent recession. Project Deliverables: Identity, brochure, floor plans, advertising, presentation centre signage and billboards, presentation centre interior graphics, V.I.P. invitation. Role: Brand strategy, design direction & co-designer while employed at Industrial Brand. < BACK TO PORTFOLIO