Evolve is the new name and brand for Goldsmith & Poulos, a chartered accountant firm in Vancouver. Their old brand and name were corporate and stuffy which did not reflect their approach and service their clients receive. They are committed that clients should have an experience with their accountants that is approachable, easy to connect with the staff through personality, language that doesn’t alienate and a brand that is built on trust and dependability but has room for personality and approachability. Their new tagline ‘Partners. Planning. Performance’ reflects this client partnership commitment, and their services that have clients fully understand what is going on in their accounting, how to plan for growth and changing markets and the result of satisfaction through successful performance. The new logo mark has three distinct sides of the hexagon, representing the three elements of their new tagline. When they all come together as a single shape, the three sides transform into a better, more sophisticated and advanced state - reflecting Evolve as a company. Their graphic elements are all about connectivity and problem solving. The hexagon shape is strong and more corporate. This is offset with the choice of colour pallet and lowercase evolve word mark, allowing their personality and approachability to be present but not to undermine their credibility as accountants. Project Deliverables: Logo mark, diverse brand elements, advertising possibilities, stationery. Role: Freelance designer with creative direction from Frank Strategy. < BACK TO PORTFOLIO