Industrial Brand

How do you brand a branding company? What a challenge! Remaining focused and reviewing the existing brand; interviewing past and present clients and participating in a full-day brand discovery workshop all contributed to understanding who Industrial Brand was as a company. The word mark is robust and reflective of its name. By removing part of the ‘n' and the ‘u' without interfering with legibility the company challenges the norm and exposes part of their process. The typography was developed into a system of pipes used as a brand element, communicating connectivity, process, and creativity. The typeface selected for the tagline ‘Where Ideas Work' is clean and modern. The client agreed that this counterbalanced the typography of the wordmark, reflecting the diversity of the design styles present at the studio. Project Deliverables: Brand creation, identity, stationery, business forms, promotional clothing, website. Role: Brand strategy, design direction & co-designer while employed at Industrial Brand. < BACK TO PORTFOLIO