Kinetix wanted their brand to be on par with Nike and Under Armour but unfortunately, they looked no different than the Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig’s of the world. It wasn’t just a case of redesigning their image, but creating a new brand that was reflective of the CEOs vision for the company that would be introduced from the core of the company outwards.Kinetix needed a brand that was rebellious, gutsy and real. The result was a brand essence which eventually became their tagline: Rebel. Ignite. Commit. Once the brand platform had been created, we built the visual look and feel of the brand. We explored grainy and gritty black and white imagery, words that communicated commitment and had an edge of attitude and created a logo mark that is bold, confident with an edge of personality. The website and iPhone app had to extend the brand into a digital environment. Ease of use was critical at every stage without losing the essence of the brand. Strong imagery and words that impact coexist to give people an experience unmatched by their competition. The new brand was launched with instant success. Everyone from the clients to the staff commented that the new brand was now a clear representation of what the company always was. Project Deliverables: Brand creation, identity, website, iPhone app. Role: Brand strategy, design direction & co-designer while employed at Industrial Brand. < BACK TO PORTFOLIO