Prevue help companies hire the best person for the job and reduce employee turnover by up to 50%. They create compatibility assessments that help employers and job seekers determine their suitability to each other. Compatibility is evaluated by examining personality, interests, and cognitive ability; and identifying competencies for job fit, team fit, and cultural fit. I was asked to translate their newly created brand model (by Brand Strategy) into a design system, including a logo mark, diverse brand elements, advertising possibilities as well as stationery. The logo mark talks about the concept of fit, coming together in harmony to operate as a unified working community. The colours reflected the clients desires to be experienced as personable and approachable - departing from their heavier dark orange and blue of their previous visual identity. Their advertising differed depending on the audience we were targeting. For the more corporate client, we focussed on the human element of HR and using statistics as the headlines. The other audience approach was to use humour to differentiate and attract the client's attention – coupled with bright colours and the dynamic brand elements this resulted in a visually strong campaign. Project Deliverables: Logo mark, diverse brand elements, advertising possibilities, stationery. Role: Freelance designer with creative direction from Frank Strategy. < BACK TO PORTFOLIO