Saulteau First Nations

Saulteau First Nations, located in Northern BC near the town of Chetwynd, sought out a rebranding to boost their overall messaging to be one of confidence. At the time, their brand appeared amateur and did not support them in business deals with industry about land partnerships and usage. Creating a brand strategy that was all encompassing and agreeable to all was a challenge. We settled on ‘Proudly determined'. The word ‘proudly’ focuses on their heritage, respecting their past. The word ‘determined' is forward facing encompassing their passion and drive. The feather within the logo mark speaks to tradition. Saulteau consists of three community groups - the three sections of the feather, uniting in one symbol, represent these. The feather is leaning to the right, future focused. The shadow tells the story of their past, it is always there, never forgotten, yet doesn't hinder progression. The two mountain shapes in the shadow represent the Twin Sisters', a mountain range that is fundamental to their heritage. The text was kept simple to offset the detail of the logo mark; it's confident with rounded elements to ease readability and to reflect the approachability of the band. Each First Nation band is unique in their details, which is why it was critical to incorporate original imagery as part of the brand. The images introduce their rich diversity, connect the people in an inclusive way and highlight the services and opportunities of the Saulteau people. The grid system was a way to incorporate several imageries (part of the brief) in a way that felt connected, but with enough space to focus and absorb the individual message of each image. The aged paper graphic was applied to the items to offset the cleaner modern layouts with a more heritage element. Well received by the residents of the band and the business team, it serves as a model that many other bands have been inspired to consider how they too can develop their brand image. Project Deliverables: Brand strategy, Identity, stationery, marketing materials, signage, promotional merchandise, website. Role: Brand strategy & design while employed at Splash Media Group. < BACK TO PORTFOLIO