School District 91

(Expand based on other materials we have designed) School District 91 covers the area in Northern BC of Vanderhoof, Fort St. James, and Burns Lake. The school district has an excellent reputation for collaboration and supportive of teachers and staff in their work and professional growth. Unfortunately, the area was experiencing a shortage of staff, which had a fundamental impact on the quality of teaching. There were also seasonal layoffs over summer months, which resulted in residents moving away to more profitable industries. My job was to focus on recruitment. Their marketing materials did not reflect benefits of working with the district or the incredible advantages of living in that part of British Columbia. Although recruitment campaigns were executed all across Canada, I realized from conversations with the staff that manned the recruitment booths that no one knew where to find them, and their materials were dated which didn’t appeal to the vitality of who they were trying to engage. From interviewing staff from the district, we discovered that they moved there to advance their careers (access to opportunities and support unavailable in larger urban districts) and enjoy the outdoor living that is one of the local advantages in that area. The entire campaign revolved around ‘Choose your adventure', suggesting that adventure, be it academic or play, are abundant in the district. I used the 91 in the logo as a graphic device to show imagery that represented these advantages, snowboarding, walking with the family in the woods, having small intimate class experiences and so on. The campaign hit the mark. It resonated with the target audience, and inquiries substantially increased after its launch. Project Deliverables: Brand strategy, Identity, stationery, marketing materials. Role: Brand strategy & design while employed at Splash Media Group. < BACK TO PORTFOLIO