Scouten’s reputation is founded on being problem solvers, creative thinkers, service-focused and a fun partner company. Unfortunately, their brand design was dated and not representative of this well-earned reputation. As a consequence, they had lost consideration for RFPs. Their new brand was modern, personable and design focused. The word mark is minimal which in their market is clean and expresses confidence. The greater than symbol within the letter ‘t’ represents Scouten’s ability to ‘think beyond’ and punch above their weight. The grid/lattice brand element represents their ability to problem solve, connect and push ideas beyond their competition as well as what their clients would expect. This client fully embraced their new brand by repainting their office to match the new colour palette and commissioned signage to have their space live and breathe this new brand for clients as well as their staff. Since the rebrand, Scouten sent word that they had been invited to bid on, and subsequently, win contracts that were previously not possible. Project Deliverables: Brand strategy, identity, stationery, website, corporate profile, e-docs, office signage, site signage. Role: Brand strategy & design while employed at Splash Media Group. < BACK TO PORTFOLIO