Simon Fraser University

We the City Community Summit: SFU Public Square hosted in the first week of November 2015 its fourth annual Community Summit exploring the theme of city-building. It reflected on the important role of creativity, arts and culture in building and sustaining our cities and our neighbourhoods. Within the wordmark, the word City was turned vertically to represent a building and the urban construct. In the negative space between the ‘t' and ‘y', there is an upward arrow representing the idea of progression, dialogue and a positive social and physical environment. It is also a subtle house shape. The corners of the letterforms were rounded to bring approachability to the word mark. The visual image system consisted of these concentric circles representing different elements of the city, all of which individual but working together to express one community. The summit had a primary colour palette with a 12 colour extension to represent each of the specific events. The colours worked with the circular shapes to communicate whether the communication (poster, web ad/banner) was event specific or belonged to the overarching brand of the summit. The poster designs were required to be impactful and informative. Looking at the hierarchy of information was critical to ensure visual balance and impact as well as to avoid visual confusion. The internal design department at SFU did a great job taking the system and guide we created and applied it across all the event materials. Project Deliverables: Identity, graphic structure and system so the client’s internal team could implement. Role: Freelance designer with creative direction from Industrial Brand. < BACK TO PORTFOLIO