Techtop Canada Inc. is a wholesale distributor of industrial electric motors and power transmission equipment. I was hired to help polish their image to represent the quality of their product through design and influence people’s perceptions that only because the product is made in China that it is not cheaply made and in fact, the product is manufactured using only the best materials and operational systems. Incorporating their existing logo mark, I was hired to create a poster, brochure, and design their upcoming trade show booth. We started with the hero, the product photography. We treated it as if it was a shoot for an Audi A6, shot on black with subtle lighting to highlight the features of the design. In an industry where imagery is usually an afterthought, this approach had their product stand apart from their competition. Add to this some pacing within the brochure, some breathing room, and we had a successful communication piece that delivered the responses the client was hoping for. The trade show needed to be a little more bright and attention grabbing due to the nature of the event. We used a strong, confident orange to achieve this but also choose to keep the design cleaner and sparse to stand apart from other companies in the same trade show. The client informed us that the event was a huge success and the booth drew in the crowd they were hoping for that translated into many positive leads. Project Deliverables: Brochure, poster, tradeshow. Role: Freelance designer with creative direction from Industrial Brand. < BACK TO PORTFOLIO